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Understanding the Biblical Creation Passages, 2007

Paul Marston

Understanding the Biblical Creation Passages Download book as PDF free of charge



Controversy continues to rage today, both within the church and outside it, about how far modern scientific ideas are consistent with the Biblical passages about creation. Too often, however, those on both sides of the debate fail to preface their comparison of Genesis 1-3 and science with a serious attempt to find out what the Bible indicates itself about the meaning of its passages.

This little book is written from the perspective that to Christians the starting point is to ask how Jesus and his apostles understood the use of language and the meanings of the creation passages. This cannot be done sketchily or cavalierly, or Christians may end up defending an understanding of Genesis 1-3 that is inconsistent with the New Testament. Having well-meaning zeal is not enough; Christians all need to face the challenge of close study of these things. Sceptics who are serious also need to ensure that what they are judging is what the Bible really says about the issues of creation.