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Roger Forster

roger forster

Roger Forster celebrated his first fifty years in Christian ministry in 2006.  

Roger became a Christian whilst studying mathematics and later theology at Cambridge.  He spent some time in the Royal Air force, and in his mid twenties started a life of “living by faith” whilst working as a bible teacher and preacher.  For some time he also worked with his wife Faith in running an extended family unit for mal-adjusted young people in Erith in Kent, later moving to Forest Hill and a connection with Honour Oak Fellowship. During all this time he was much involved with student and other missions, in Bible teaching and preaching across the country – often speaking at three meetings in a day. 

In 1974 he co-founded the Ichthus Fellowship with his wife Faith. The Fellowship began as a 14-strong congregation in Forest Hill and has become a network of congregations numbering thousands of people across the UK, and with many international links. 

Roger has held a long-term reputation for being a radical, provocative thinker, committed to issues of poverty and injustice, and is a Vice President of The Evangelical Alliance and TEARFUND. Ichthus has always been involved in social action, alongside  bible teaching, and the July Summer Project brings together young people to work in mission in the London Area.

Roger, with Gerald Coates (of Pioneer) Lynn Gree (of YWAM) and worship leader Graham Kendrick started the “March for Jesus” which began as 'City March' in London in 1987.  It was formed in the seedbed of friendship amongst three church groups; Pioneer, Ichthus and Youth with a Mission and the worship leader Graham Kendrick, and in 1994 the first Global March for Jesus covered every time zone and united over ten million Christians from over 170 nations in prayer and praise on the streets. Over seven million are estimated to have joined in the final Global March for Jesus, part of Jesus Day on the 10th June 2000.

Roger was long involved as a much-loved Spring Harvest speaker.  Icthus annually hold their own  Revive convention at Ashburnham, when some 1500 come together to praise God and learn more together.

Roger is married to Faith, herself a well-known speaker and pastoral figure, and they have a married son and two married daughters: Chris, Juliet and Deborah, and several grandchildren. 

Roger’s solo books include:

With Paul Marston:

Paul Marston

paul marston

Paul born in 1946, was brought up in a Christian family, and loved Jesus from a very early age though came into a deep personal experience just after going to London university in 1964. 

He studied at L.S.E., completing a B.Sc., and M.Sc. in theoretical statistics, and also whilst there studied the philosophy of science under Karl Popper, Imre Lakatos and Paul Feyerabend.  He obtained a second M.Sc. in the history and philosophy of science, and has since obtained a PhD (on the interactions of science, scientific method and religion in the development of geology) and more recently an M.A. in theology.

He has given and written various academic papers, particularly on the history of science and on science-faith issues and hermeneutics. Paul co-founded Scibel as a populist sister group to Christians in Science (a group of some 800 Christians, mostly academics, with which he is also involved).

Paul has been a lay minister in the (evangelical) Free Methodist church for some quarter of a century, and has spoken on science-faith issues at Word Alive and at Soul Survivor, as well as at conferences of Christians in Science and the American Scientific Affiliation.  His university teaching includes that on the history and philosophy of science, and on “Christianity, Science and History”, and he has also taught on a degree level Christian Ethics course.

Paul married Janice in 1970, the year that his first book with Roger Forster was published, and they have a married son Justin and married daughter Christel, both active in church life. 

Paul’s solo books include:

With Roger Forster: